Jakarta Children's Project

Jakarta Children's Project

Project Partner: Rumah Harapan Indonesia

Rumah Harapan Indonesia (an Indonesian registered Yayasan) started a transitional children's project in Jakarta on the 22nd October, 2004.

This project provides a transitional program for orphaned children who would otherwise be homeless and further victimized as street children, beggars, child labourers or prostitutes.

RHI is also considered to be a training centre for these children, enabling them to be schooled and to eventually gain skills for a worthwhile career.

Breaking children out of the poverty cycle and enabling them to play their role as contributing members of society is the priority of this project.

Vulnerable children are provided with a safe home, medical care, and the opportunity to break the systemic cycles of homelessness, abuse and poverty, through education and training programmes. RHI also seeks to transition these children into caring families.

The Jakarta children's home is doing well in cramped conditions. This children's project is in need of much better facilities.

HOHI has provided some professional staff and project development through World's Best Practice for Children's Homes training.

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