Maputo Childrens Project

Project Partner: Ministerio Arco Iris

Mozambique rates as one of the poorest countries in the world with over 90% unemployed and very few natural resources. In the Mozambique culture, children are almost always at risk and many are introduced to sex at a very early age. Most children by the age of 12 will have had a number of sexual experiences. This normalizes abuse and has also created an AIDS epidemic. Homeless Mozambican children are especially at risk and have a low life expectancy.

Ministerio Arco Iris (MAI) has addressed the issues of poverty and abuse by creating a safe refuge for endangered children, providing protection, education, medical care, vocational training and reintegration strategies for introducing children into extended or foster families.

The Maputo project accommodates up to 8 children and is a caring environment in which children are nurtured. MAI's aim is to educate children and see them grow in skills and become independent. When each child turns 15 years of age, CRI acquires land and a small home for groups of 4-6 teenagers and supervises them in their new accommodation. At the same time they are provided with skills such as computing, carpentry and English, in order to give them greater employment opportunities.

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