Peth Vadgaon's Widow Project

Peth Vadgaon (India) Widows' Project

This project works with 12 widows and provides a range of services and empowerment opportunities for impoverished widows. Widows in this area are often subject to injustice and may lose their property. They are very vulnerable and subject to being harassed.

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  • Widows receive a weekly meal, along with a bag of rice and 6 eggs.
  • Widows participate in a support and empowerment meeting where they receive encouragement, skills, and help with the problems they are facing.
  • Widows grow in their capacity, so that they can become independent. Widows receive micro-enterprise training for small cottage industries. Currently the project provides training and opportunities in producing and selling mango pickles, and a range of snacks. In the future HOHI is assisting by providing sewing machines, and seed grinders, along with equipment that will help the widows produce larger quantities of the pickles.

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