Pune Safe House Project

Pune (India) Safe House Project - End the Agony

Project Partner: Project Rescue

HOHI address the problem of human trafficking by supporting projects that are involved in Prevention, Rescue and Recovery.

The Pune Project provides a Safe House for the victims of human trafficking and sex slavery.

The tragedy of women and children being trafficked and used in various kinds of slavery, particularly sexual slavery, has been receiving increasing global attention over the past decade through media exposure and the diligence of UNICEF and NGO's in providing a more accurate picture of the extent of human trafficking. The world is slowly waking up to a human global tragedy.

The pressing needs of the large numbers of trafficked women who have not received education or who have missed key years, are often illiterate or semi illiterate, are emotionally damaged, victims of abuse, require medical services, and have no vocational training, must be addressed.

These rescued girls and women, because of their poverty, are vulnerable to being re-trafficked and have limited alternative employment opportunities. The possibility of being re trafficked is very high without a constructive intervention.

Schooling is a traumatic proposition for rescued girls and women in the normal government system due to bias based on their history, resulting in discrimination. Repatriation is a preferred option but where this is not possible due to the risk of their extended families re-trafficking them, or for other good reasons, an alternative safe house is essential. The possibility of repatriation for these women is examined by the government and if not possible, they are kept in the government remand centres.

This 3 year project provides young women who have been rescued from sex trafficking, with:
• Healing from emotional and physical trauma.
• Education.
• Social skills training.
• Empowerment and vocational training with the goal of each woman being reintegrated into society as a transformed, independent, self-sufficient adult.
• Transition into normal society.

Without this project there is a high risk of these girls being re-trafficked due to a lack of education, emotional damage, and lack of income resulting from low level vocational skills. Women who have suffered as victims of human trafficking suffer discrimination and are targeted by some men who see them as sex objects for them to use. Without education, psychological care, and employment, these women are extremely vulnerable.

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