South East Asia Children's Project

South East Asia Children's Project

Project Partner: HOC

While some people in Asia are prospering during a time of unprecedented economic growth, many who live inland struggle with poverty and hardship.

Hundreds of children in rural South East Asia have been orphaned due to poverty, low life expectancy, harsh living conditions, and poor medical treatment. There are many orphans who do not attend school but work as labourers in the fields, or turn to a life of petty crime. They are undernourished and dispirited.

HOHI has partnered with HOC to provide a transitional home for these orphaned and abandoned children. But this is much more than a refuge. HOC provides schooling, coaching, and vocational training for each child.

HOC aims at breaking the cycle of poverty and assists children become self-sufficient, employable, and productive members of society. Without this help, these forgotten children would have no future, a shortened life expectancy, and no prospect of breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

The HOC home is also a training centre for these children, enabling them to be schooled and to gain skills for a worthwhile career. Breaking children out of the poverty cycle and enabling them to play their role as contributing members of society is the priority, and is a foundational goal of HOC.

The HOC home is a beacon of God's love and hope in an otherwise dark and superstitious culture -- one where it is normal for widowed mothers to abandon their children and remarry. We take the poorest and worst cases, lift the vision of the children from being victims to being effective and productive members of society. (Our children's numerous school awards prompted this comment from a local, "You people just pick the smartest orphans, don't you?"

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