Homes of Hope International (HOHI) aims to transform the lives of women and children at risk through community development programs. Our priorities are orphans, widows and the victims of human trafficking.

The HOHI programs:

  • Transform the lives of women and children at risk so that they escape the systemic cycle of poverty.
  • Expand the capacity of impoverished women to earn a living and become independent through vocational and other training.
  • Help impoverished children who are without hope, by providing a range of developmental programs including vocational training for older children, comprehensive education, transitional care for genuine orphans in best-practice children’s homes, employment, counselling and medical care.
  • Assist the victims of human trafficking in their recovery, education and integration back into mainstream society.

We accomplish these activities through:

Community Partnerships

HOHI works with local communities through partnership, training and enablement programmes.


Rather than dependence, HOHI seeks to empower communities to develop their own programmes and strategies for development, so that communities can self sustain.

Targeted Programmes

A range of training and community enhancement programmes are facilitated by HOHI.